Hotels and motels are lodging places for tourists. Although the names sound similar, hotels and motels are basically different types of bola88 alternatif lodging. In Indonesia, hotels are much more common than motels. Motels themselves are often found in various international films.

According to Merriam Webster, the word ‘hotel’ comes from the French word which is a place that provides lodging, dining and holiday facilities. As for ‘motel’, it comes from the word motorbike and hotel. The motel itself began to circulate around 1925. The terms motorbike and hotel came from the location of the motel which was usually near the main road, very profitable for motorists who traveled long distances.


The facilities at the hotel are much more complete than the facilities at the motel. The hotel provides accommodation, places to eat, parking lots, swimming pools and other entertainment facilities. Meanwhile, motels only provide accommodation and parking. Hotels provide many rooms and are in tall, spacious buildings, while motels are in smaller buildings and only have 1 to 2 floors with direct access to the parking lot.


Hotels are usually located around tourist areas that have stunning destination settings, although some are located on main road spaces. While the location of the motel, on the roadside which is intended for tourists who use it as a resting place only. The motel building model is not as luxurious and as big as a hotel, but more like a small building or house.

Even though the names are similar, there are a lot of differences. There are very few facilities at motels and the cost of rent per night is much cheaper than hotels. The cost of renting a hotel per night is quite expensive, especially if the hotel is a five-star hotel.

Initially, motels were created for people traveling between states in America. They stay at motels to rest for a night or two. Hotels are created for those who want to take a vacation and stay in a tourist area for a long time (more than two nights). Hotels are usually built in well-known tourist areas. The hotel is built in a certain area which is quite extensive.

Motels are usually built on the side of the road. The building is also simple, not luxurious and spacious, more like a small house or building.