Who is still confused about where to stay on vacation? Because apart from price issues, location and people’s tastes in choosing a place to sbobet stay can vary. There are several types of accommodation offered by service providers, ranging from hotels, hostels, motels, to inns. Actually, what’s the difference between a hotel, hostel, motel, and an inn? So that you don’t get confused and choose the wrong one, see the explanation below, OK, Young People!


Quoting from cnnindonesia.com, hotels are one of the most common types of lodging. Hotels also have various types that can be chosen and adjusted to their budget. Starting from a one-star price that is still pocket-friendly with standard facilities, up to a luxurious five-star type. Hotel buildings are usually large and multi-storey with many rooms. The hotel also has professionally trained staff. The staff is always ready if the tenants need something.


Motel stands for motor hotel. This term is used because the location of the motel is usually more on the roadside. Motel buildings usually consist of only one floor. Motels are Agen Sbobet Terpercaya more of a stopover place for people who are traveling far. The cost of lodging at motels is cheaper than hotels. Usually, motel rooms have private bathrooms, but this is of lesser quality than hotels. Motels usually do not provide any services.

Different location

Hotels are usually built in tourist areas with stunning tourist destinations as backgrounds. In fact, not a few hotels were built in tourist attractions.
Meanwhile, motels are usually built on the side of the road which is intended for tourists who only use it as a place to rest. This type of lodging building is also simple, not luxurious and spacious, more like a house or a small building.
Because the facilities provided are limited, the cost of renting a motel is usually not too expensive. Conversely, the cost of renting a hotel is quite expensive, especially if the hotel is 4 or 5 stars.

Different facilities

In addition, the thing that distinguishes the two is in terms of facilities. A hotel is a place that provides places to stay, places to eat, entertainment venues such as swimming pools, and much more. Hotels generally provide many rooms and are located in a large building. Meanwhile, motels only provide accommodation and parking. Motels usually only have one or two floors with direct access to the parking lot.
Not only in terms of facilities, the difference between the two can also be seen from the number of employees employed. At the hotel, you will definitely find receptionists, cleaners, waiters, chefs, parking valets, doormen, and elevator operators. However, the opposite is true for motels. At the inn you will only be served by receptionists and cleaners.